Octopa's reading her atlas

As you use the OCTOPATLAS, you will meet and experience a diversity of scenarios that are designed to engage you in an ironic playful mode of thinking abductively about what you meet, learn and consider.

When you’ve worked through a scenario, you will see on the right-hand side that I appear and expose my categories of Contexts and Qualities: do try and respond to these, or I’m a bit lonely out here. 

You might have looked at these two categories before in my Toolkit, or you might like to return to there to refresh some details about them.

You could use the annotated arms:
– as prompts (or even provocations),
– or as a resource to shift your thinking and move it into action! 

How and how much you answer is up to you:
– silently or out loud, in writing,
– or by making connections to other aspects of the Workshopping activities provided in my Den. 

This is also part of our journey together.
Travel does change us all, locals and visitors!