A narrative experience to explore, along with OCTOPA, the futures of the Northern Sea Route and their implications for your everydayness.

The OCTOPATLAS is a narrative experience that offers you opportunities to navigate plural and futures perspectives on the Northern Sea Route.

Jumping from a future fragment to another, let OCTOPA lead you through her atlas to discover unexpected and disruptive situations, based on extrapolations of current stakes and issues for the Arctic Region. From resource extraction to icy warfare, along with Indigenous Peoples’ rights and last chance tourism, you will navigate between hopes and fears, opportunities and risks.

OCTOPATLAS is not a contemplative journey: each fiction is a provocative and reflexive prompt, asking you to project yourself in this speculative situation. In between the idea of replaying and counter-playing these provocative narratives, you will have to imagine how you – or your organisation – would have evolved in this situation and then how you would act today in order to adapt or resist when facing those transformations. 

The OCTOPATLAS is a call for anticipation, designed to help you in envisaging the complexity and uncertainty inherent to the evolution of the Northern Sea Route, and, accordingly, strengthening your position about these (emerging) stakes.