Octopa's Journey


A reflexive game to shape the fates of the Northern Sea Route as well as your creative practice, with the kind help of OCTOPA.

OCTOPA’s Journey is a branching narrative tool-game exploring the many unexpected Arctic perspectives, and shaping them through words from the Design Futures Lexicon and Amphibious Trilogies extended-choreography movements.

Upon meeting OCTOPA, a sentient non-human anomaly, the player embarks on an amphibious journey along the Northern Sea Route. Jumping from an arctic fragment to another, OCTOPA and the player will face intriguing situations and weird moments. Together, they will have to make choices and then shape the alternative presents and futures of the Northern Sea Route.

At the end of your journey, one will have learned about stakes related to the Northern Sea Route and reflect on one’s present project or practice and act on its futures.