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Hi, I’m Octopa.
Pleased to meet you.

I’m a shape-shifting, fictive, online creature. I spend most of my time trying to make sense of climate change and our complex, dynamic world. The icy waters and slippery surfaces of the Arctic are my home.
I belong and I diverge, I contribute and I evade. I’m a sentient non-human anomaly. I move between sea and land. I’m my physical, biological self, by birth. But I’ve been altered, by irruption and interruption, against my will, contaminated by plastics and bio-effluent; though that means I’m able to run on land as well.
I am of the past but I move in the present and shift and change in the future. Being a shape-shifter and a time-traveller is what makes me special. Ready for some unexpected moves and some time bending?

The Northern
sea route

Oh, did I forget to tell you we’ll be connected to the Northern Sea Route (NSR) along the Norwegian and Russian coast? What a massive zone it is and hard to reach and fathom. It's experiencing rapid change from a once frozen passage to one now increasingly freer of ice.
This route is still remote as it was for 17th-century western explorers sailing wooden craft in search of a trade route through the ‘North-East Passage’. Today, the NSR is an immense and intricate tangle of interests and potentials: environmental and geo-political, cultural and communicational, political economies with technological innovation.



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